Bring Your Phone Back From the Dead


Besides dropping your phone, perhaps the other most common way people lose their phone is from water damage. Water and electronics just don’t mix very well. There are new phones on the market that are water resistant or even water proof but most phones will not survive a drop in the toilet or even a coffee spill. If you are unfortunate enough to be caught in this situation, you might want to give the Reviveaphone Water Damaged Cell Phone Repair Kit a try before coughing up for a new phone.

Inside the kit is a special chemical solution, a pouch and a tray. To bring your phone back from the dead, pour the chemical solution in the pouch, drop your phone into the pouch and wait for 7 minutes. After 7 minutes, remove your phone from the pouch and leave it to dry on the tray for 24 hours (or sometimes longer). The next day and perhaps with a little help from the phone gods above, your zombiefied phone will be back from the dead.

Of course, Reviveaphone doesn’t claim to work under all situations and it works best if Reviveaphone is administered as soon as possible after your phone takes a dunk so perhaps having one on standby is your phone’s best chance of survival. At under $30, we think it is worth at least a try.



Where to Buy Reviveaphone Water Damaged Cell Phone Repair Kit


Reviveaphone Water Damaged Cell Phone Repair Kit

Reviveaphone saves your phone and other electronics from a watery grave.

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