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Indicator lights are a requirement for all motor vehicles. Strangely, they are missing from bicycles. Cyclists still rely on using hand signals when turning. Hand signals are almost impossible to see at night plus they require letting go of the handle bar. That makes adding WingLights, a set of low cost indicator lights to your cycling arsenal a no-brainer.

Every year there are thousands of accidents involving cyclists and many of these occur at road junctions. Most of these accidents can be easily avoided if cyclist can indicate their turns as easily as other motor vehicles. With the WingLights, they now can.

These easy to install indicator lights attach to the ends of your bike handles. To turn it on, just give the end a tap. To stop, give it another tap. It will also automatically deactivate after 45 seconds.

There are several versions of the WingLights but they all work the same. Some models feature rechargeable batteries while others have non-rechargeable button batteries. Certain models attach the handle bars using magnets while others use a push fit system. All models can be easily removed from the handle bars for safekeeping when not in use.

WingLights are lightweight, waterproof, shockproof, with long battery life. The models with rechargeable batteries have the additional option of staying lighted all the time.
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