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Imagine this. You arrive at your hotel after a tiring journey. Within seconds, you unload your entire luggage bag and have everything nicely sorted out in the hotel closet. Easy peasy. At the end of your trip, everything in the closet goes back into your bag neatly packed within seconds. Sounds like a dream but if you are using the Rise Gear Weekender luggage bag, that is what all your future trips will be like.

The Rise Gear Weekender makes unpacking and repacking your luggage a simple as just hanging the entire bag in the closet. In fact, it has an entire collapsible closet inside the bag itself. Don’t have room in the closet? Just hang it over a door.

You have five different compartments or shelves for sorting out your clothes. Right at the top is where you can place one or two pairs of shoes. Alternatively, you can use this for storing your toiletries.

Next is a roomy shelf for storing a week’s supply of socks and underwear.  Roll or fold your shirts in the next shelf and followed by your pants in the shelf beneath it. The last shelf is the largest and that is to be left empty when you pack your bag because that shelf will be used for storing your laundry. So all your needs are neatly separated and organized. Your dirty clothes goes to the laundry shelf ready to be washed when you get home. The bag also has additional external pockets for storing other travel accessories such as your phone charger and keys.

When you are ready to go, just unhook the hanging hooks from the closet hanging bar and collapse the shelves back into the bag.

The Rise Gear Weekender is the perfect solution for travelers who hate rummaging through their bags while living out of a suitcase. It is also perfect for those who don’t trust the cleanliness of hotel clothes drawers and shelves. Not only does the luggage bag make unpacking and repacking a thing of the past but it also helps keep everything easily accessible and wrinkle free.

If you are a frequent traveler, the Rise Gear Weekender is an indispensable add-on to your travel gear arsenal. This amazing bag is also available as the Riser Gear Roller which has roller wheels and a telescoping handle for easier handling.
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