Parents are always lamenting how kids today do not know the value of money and how hard it is for them to get their kids into the habit of saving money. Lets face it. Saving money is boring. You put coins into a piggy bank or coin box and you never see it again. The coin box does nothing. On the other hand, you can just hop over to the store and get candy for instant gratification. It’s no wonder saving loses out.

Give the kids a little incentive to save and make saving money more fun with the Fred Fill ‘Er Up Bank. It is a coin bank in the shape of a fuel gauge. The part that makes the Fred Fill ‘Er Up Bank interesting is that the fuel gauge actually works. As you fill up the coin box, the generally accurate fuel gauge indicator slowly goes from empty to full.

Once the needle hits full, it is time to cash out. Coins can be removed via a door at the back and the coin box can be reused again. The Fred Fill ‘Er Up Bank is not just for kids. Car heads will probably get a kick out it as well.



Where to Buy Fred Fill ‘Er Up Bank


Fred Fill ‘Er Up Bank

The Fred Fill ‘Er Up Bank has a fully functioning gauge that measures your savings. When the needle hits full you know it’s time to cash.

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