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Before we tried making our own butter using the Kilner Butter Churner, we always had the idea that it was really, really difficult to make butter. Kinda like the ancient alchemy process of turning lead into gold. This is not a surprising thought considering how much they charge for good butter nowadays especially those gourmet flavored ones.

Well, if you love butter and tired of paying a fortune for the good stuff, you should consider making your own just like we did. The process is actually ridiculously simple. All you need is some heavy or double cream, some ice water and the Kilner Butter Churner.

You might have thought that the Kilner Butter Churner is some amazing high tech butter making machine but it is actually nothing more than just a glass jar with a spinning paddle inside that is operated by a hand crank that is mounted on the jar lid. In fact it has that charming traditional tool look.

To make your own butter, just pour the double cream into the jar, close the lid and crank the handle to spin the paddle for about 5 to 10 minutes. See the cream magically separate into butter and buttermilk as you crank.

Once the separation is complete, pour out the buttermilk and keep that. Buttermilk is great for making pancakes or absolutely wonderful over cereal. What is left behind in the jar is butter. Pour out the butter into the ice water to harden it further and to remove the remaining buttermilk. You don’t want any buttermilk in the butter as it will make it go rancid and bitter.

You can now flavor the butter with whatever you like to create your own flavored gourmet butter. For simple salted butter, just add salt. For more exotic flavors, you can try mixing in sundried tomatoes, roasted red peppers, or the popular garlic and herbs.
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