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This piece of man-jewelry you see above is the Leatherman Tread Bracelet. But if you are familiar with the name Leatherman which is almost synonymous with multi-tools, you would have probably guessed that it is much more than just a pretty piece of jewelry. The Tread Bracelet is probably the world’s first multi-tool in the form of a wearable bracelet.

If you look closely at the bracelet, you would probably notice that each of the link actually has 2 or 3 tool functions. In total, the 10 links provide more than 2 dozen different tools. There are a few sizes each of the hex drive, both flat and phillips screwdrivers and box wrenches. There is also a bottle opener, cutting hook, carbide glass breaker and a sim card tool.

The sim card tool is the tiny needle that you use to eject out the sim tray on phones like the iPhone. We have to admit that we got caught a few times hunting for one in the past and it is certainly handy to have one sitting on the wrist.

While you can get all of these tools in a standard multi-tool either from Leatherman or from other brands, the attraction is to have one that sits on the wrist and therefore you are most likely to have it with you at all times.

The way you use the tools on the Tread Bracelet is to remove it from your wrist, pick the tool that you want, face it down and grab the rest of the bracelet like a handle. Surprisingly, the bracelet does provide quite a lot of leverage and torque. Enough to do most simple jobs around the house. For proper work, you would probably want to rely on a proper tool instead on a multi-tool like this.

All the tool links on the bracelet are removable and replaceable. There are even a few customization options such as links to use the bracelet as a watch strap. With the proper adapter links, you can use it with your existing watch or even the Apple Watch. The Leatherman Tread Bracelet is TSA approved and can be worn on a plane.

The Leatherman Tread Bracelet has emerged as one of GetdatGadget’s Top 10 gadgets of 2016. Check out the rest of the gadgets that make up the Top 10 list here.

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