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The PaleoBarefoots Outback Shoes are the ultimate minimalist shoes for outdoors. Any simpler and you might as well just go barefooted. If you want to be one with nature and have that barefoot feeling on the soles of your feet, these are the shoes for you.

The PaleoBarefoots Outback Shoes look a lot like medieval chain-mail armor for your feet. It is made from thousands of tiny stainless steel chains linked together to form a mesh to cover your feet. They do not provide cushioning,  no protection from the cold, nor do they even keep your feet clean.

They are tools for you to experience nature first hand both on land and on water while feeling totally safe. The PaleoBarefoots provide the protection that you need plus great traction. They are also extremely easy to clean. Just hose them down or even throw them in a dishwasher or washing machine.

These shoes are a little more extreme compared to other minimalist shoes but no other shoes give you that “close to nature” feeling in the truest sense of the word.

The PaleoBarefoots Outback Shoes have emerged as one of GetdatGadget’s Top 10 gadgets of 2016. Check out the rest of the gadgets that make up the Top 10 list here.

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