The traditional sleeping bag is designed for people who sleep like mummies, face up and straight. That’s fine if that is how you normally sleep but what if it is not? The Nemo Nocturne Sleeping Bag is designed to accommodate different sleeping positions. The Nemo Nocturne has a unique hour glass shape known as the Nemo Spoon Shape to make camping much more comfortable.

The shape gives a tremendous amount of space around the shoulder/elbow and the knee.  This allows for comfortable side sleeping position and you can sprawl your legs around quite a bit and freely turn from side-to-side.

The Nemo Nocturne Sleeping Bag has a fully adjustable contoured hood and a pillow pocket. It also has a feature known as the Blanket Fold which is an insulated flap that wraps around the neck to block drafts and retains the heat.



Where to Buy Nemo Nocturne Sleeping Bag


Nemo Nocturne Sleeping Bag

Unlike conventional mummy shapes, the Nemo Nocturne Sleeping Bag’s new Spoon Shape backpacking bags give you extra space where it matters most.

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