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At first glance, the Mijia Mini Inflator looks like mashup between a classic Apple iPod and a padlock. It is a whole lot larger and heavier than an iPod but still portable enough. It will fit nicely in a glove compartment. And that is important because it is an air pump for inflating flat tires.

While big for an iPod, the Mijia Mini Inflator is quite compact when it comes to portable air compressors. However, don’t let its size fool you as this tiny powerhouse is capable of pressurize up to 150 psi. That means it can inflate everything from car tires, motorcycle tires, bicycle tires, balls and all types of inflatable toys.

The digital display on the front displays both the set pressure as well as the current pressure when connected to a tire for example. Therefore, you can use the device to check tire pressure.

The iPod wheel-like control on the front is for setting the pressure. It also has some recommended presets for common items like car tires, bicycle tires and a basketball. The time taken to inflate something depends a lot on how deflated it is and how much pressure is required. Fully inflating a totally flat car tire can take slightly longer than 15 minutes from our tests.

The pump comes with an LED light. Pressing the left button toggles the light on and off. The smart pump is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery that recharges via USB. According to the specifications, a fully charged battery is able to inflate 5 car tires or as many as 41 footballs.
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