At first glance, the Ventev Powerdash R900 looks like a longish USB car charger and in fact in does function as one. However, the Ventev Powerdash R900 is more than just a car charger. It has a built-in 900 mAh backup battery and thus can be used as a portable power bank to charge your mobile devices.

When plugged in to your vehicle’s 12V DC port, it acts as a rapid USB charger and charging at 2.1 A. This makes the Powerdash suitable even for charging an iPad or Android tablet at its maximum charge rate. At the same time, the internal battery also gets charged up. When disconnected from the DC port, the Ventev Powerdash R900 functions as a portable USB charger. The 900 mAh battery is pretty low by today’s standards but it should be sufficient to recharge your phone’s battery by at least 50%.

The Powerdash is not designed to be your main power bank. It is more of a backup charger. When your batteries are drained, an extra 900 mAh boost is a much needed relief. It is enough to grant you at least another couple of hours of talk time. Just leave it plugged in the car and you will have an emergency backup battery charger when you need one.



Where to Buy Ventev Powerdash R900


Ventev Powerdash R900

When used in your car, this rapid charger can power any USB powered device at its maximum rate, including tablets. Then take it with you – the integrated battery provides up to 3 hours of additional emergency talk time for your device whenever and wherever you need it.

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