Good things do come in small packages and the Supershort Mini Bicycle Pump from SKS of Germany is a great example of this saying. Measuring just 164 mm or 6.5 inches long, this handy little pump can fill up to 90 PSI but is so compact, it can literally fit in your pants pocket although it does come with a bracket for you to mount to your bike frame.

Supershort Mini Bicycle Pump

Usually, a compact bicycle pump also means short strokes. And short strokes means pumping like crazy just to refill a tire. Not really the type of workout that a cyclist is expecting. The SKS Supershort Mini Bicycle Pump unfolds to reveal a telescoping mechanism for longer strokes and it even has a non-pinching T-handle that makes pumping quick and pain-free. The reversible valve head can be connected to both Presta and Schrader valves.

Supershort Mini Bicycle Pump

The Supershort Mini Bicycle Pump may not be your main pump but it makes for a very useful secondary pump that is compact and light that can light tire filling jobs done quickly and efficiently. It is so small and light you won’t even notice its there until you need it.



Where to Buy Supershort Mini Bicycle Pump


Supershort Mini Bicycle Pump

The Supershort Mini Bicycle Pump lives up to its name, providing efficient, high-volume strokes that fill a tire quickly, in a compact and portable package.

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