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Cell phone cases that come with a mounting system is nothing new of course. Most systems have a quick lock and unlock mechanism that allows you to quickly attach your phone to the accompanying mount and to remove it as well. However, if you wish to mount your phone in multiple places such as in your car and also on your bike handle bar, you may be out of luck. Most mounting systems only work with a single type of mounting device. If you wish to use the same mounting case with different types of mounts, the Quad Lock is your best bet.

The Quad Lock is a series of cases designed to fit most newer iPhones including the latest iPhone 7/7s. The case itself provides edge to edge protection for your iPhone while full access to all buttons and ports. However, most importantly, the case allows you to securely mount your iPhone to any of the Quad Lock mounts.

We really like the mounting system used by Quad Lock. Your phone can be easily attached to any of the mounts by just placing it on the mounting system and making a slight twist. The mounting feels very secure and there is no fear that your phone might accidentally pop out from the mount.

The same mounting system is used in a wide range of different mounting options. There are mounts available for your car dash, bike, wall, belt clip, armband and even a tripod adapter. The great thing about having so many different mounts is that you can easily transfer your phone from one mount to another to fit your needs. The mounts are sold separately so you just need to get the ones that you need. It also helps to know that the same secured mounting mechanism is used in all the different mounting options.

What if you are not an iPhone user? Are you out of luck? Fortunately no. You can purchase a Quad Lock universal adapter that can stick to the back of your phone with or without a case. As long as you have a smooth, flat surface to stick the universal adapter to, you can enjoy all the benefits of the Quad Lock mounting system.
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