Almost all our mobile devices can be charged using a USB power outlet. This means that you can easily charge your devices in your car using a 12V to USB power adapter. However, there are a few devices that still require a regular 120 VAC power like your favorite Apple MacBook Air for example. Power inverters are available to convert 12V DC to 120 VAC but these are usually bulky, heavy and look really out of place in the car. What if you can power your MacBook with coffee instead? Just kidding but the PowerLine PowerCup Mobile Inverter does look very much like a cup of coffee from your favorite coffee joint.

Just drop the PowerLine PowerCup Mobile Inverter into one of the cup holders and plug it into your vehicle’s 12V DC outlet. It converts the power supply to 120 VAC at 200W. This should be sufficient to power most devices but perhaps not that laser printer for your mobile office. The PowerCup comes with 2 AC and 1 USB outlets so you can power up up to 3 devices at the same time.

Ideal for extended road trips or for camping.


Where to Buy PowerLine PowerCup Mobile Inverter


PowerLine PowerCup Mobile Inverter

PowerCup 200/400 Watt Mobile Inverter with USB Power Port.

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