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The window AC is a familiar sight in the summer months. They pop up everywhere as the heat soars. However, the design of the humble window AC unit has not changed much. That is until the introduction of the Midea U-Shaped AC that is. Midea takes the age-old design and comes up with a new take on the window AC that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

The brand Midea may not ring a bell with most people but it is actually one of the biggest AC and home appliance manufacturer in the world. They are known for their low prices but have recently invested more into R&D and coming out with innovative products. The Media U-Shaped AC is certainly a huge step in that direction.

Media U-Shaped AC

Window AC units have a few advantages over a wall unit. Firstly, installing a window AC is easier and may be something you can do on your own. Secondly, during the colder months and you no longer need an AC, you can remove it. However, installing a window AC is a cumbersome task. Furthermore, you can no longer open the window where you installed the AC.

Media’s new design takes the split unit AC design and combines it with a window unit. The “U” shape separates the indoor blower unit from the outdoor compressor unit. The 2 components are joined at the bottom, hence the U design.

There are a few notable advantages to this design. Firstly by having the window pane separating the indoor and outdoor units, noise from the noisy compressor is greatly reduced. This makes the Media U-Shaped AC one of the quietest window AC ever.

Secondly, the U shape and the innovative outdoor mounting bracket allows the freedom to open and close the window after the AC is installed. That means you don’t have to sacrifice a functioning window.

The innovation in the AC is not just limited to its unorthodox design. It has built-in WiFi and support for Alexa and Google Assistant. You can operate the AC from across the room using voice commands. Or remotely control it from anywhere using the dedicated iOS and Android app.

Last but not least, the Midea U-Shaped AC compressor has an inverter motor. That results in lower noise levels plus energy savings of up to 35%.
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