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The 8BitDo Wireless Mouse is instantly recognizable to any classic video game fan. The styling, colors, and the physical buttons and D-pad are perfect. It is like a product from an alternate reality where Nintendo produced a mouse for the NES instead of the joypad controllers we all know.

This is no low-quality, money-grab product aimed at nostalgic fanboys. The 8BitDo Wireless Mouse is actually a very well designed product with a lot of thought going into it. In fact it is designed by Swedish industrial designer, Daniel Jansson who originally designed it as a school project.

8BitDo Wireless Mouse

The first thing you might notice is a missing scroll wheel. Adding a scroll wheel might have ruined the design. So instead, the mouse has a touch pad between the two mouse buttons. You can still scroll as you normally do but you use a well-hidden touch pad instead. Brilliant!

The up and down on the D-pad functions as a short cut button for page navigation. Clicking on left and right allows you to move forward and backwards between pages on a web browser. If you hold CTRL while doing it, you can use it to move between browser tabs instead.

The 8BitDo Wireless Mouse works with both Windows and macOS computers.
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