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We featured the Matador Pocket Blanket awhile ago and the thought of having a hiking or picnic blanket that folds up so compactly that it easily slips into our pockets is pretty interesting. Well, Matador has upped the ante with the new Matador Mini. We never thought it is possible but the Matador Mini is even smaller than the Matador Pocket. How small? Small enough for it to fit on your keychain.

The Matador blanket makes the perfect ground covering for all kinds of activities from picnics to an outdoor concert to a hiking trip to a day at the beach to a lunch break at the park. The even smaller size of the Matador Mini makes it even easier to carry one around with you at all times. Although not many people would consider a blanket as an EDC (Everyday Carry) item, with this super small blanket, it is now a feasible option.

When folded, the Matador Mini measures a minuscule 3 x 2 x 1 inches. The attached storage pouch even comes with a key loop. You can either attach it to your keychain or just use the Matador Mini as your keychain. When unfolded, the blanket measures 44 x 28 inches. This is about half the size of the Matador Pocket but it is large enough for a single person to relax on it or for 2 if they sit side by side. But seriously, since it is so small, everyone should just carry their own or just hang a few extras on your knapsack so that you don’t have to share.

The Matador Mini blanket is made from water repellent material. This means you don’t have to worry about using it over a wet surface. You can even use it as an emergency shelter in the rain to keep you dry. It is also puncture resistant so it is unlikely to tear or puncture when used over a rough surface.

Like the original Matador Pocket, the surface of the Matador Mini blanket has a very helpful folding pattern that serves as a guide to help you fold the blanket back to its original compact form. The pattern is stitched into the blanket itself so it does not fade and the stitches also make it easier to fold along the pattern lines. It takes under a minute to fold and store back in the storage pouch. The storage pouch is attached to the blanket so that you do not lose it.
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