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If you engage in extreme adventures, selecting a reliable dry bag is crucial. After all, you are trusting the bag to keep your valuables dry. This may include expensive electronics like phones that can easily be damaged by water. It has to be 100% reliable. Something like the Marchway Floating Waterproof Bag.

The Marchway Floating Waterproof Bag is a duffel style dry bag. It is made from high quality thick 500D rip-stop tarpaulin which is an ultra tough waterproof fabric. The seams are strong and the tarpaulin material prevents tears and punctures.

The roll-top closure keeps a pretty good seal against the environment. Besides keeping out water, it will also protect the contents from sand, dust, mud and snow. This makes the bag ideal for all kinds of activities like kayaking, canoeing, snowboarding, skiing, hiking, camping and backapcking.

The roll-top design traps an air pocket inside the bag/ This keeps the bag afloat should it drop into the water. If this happens, the bag does it job pretty well and will keep the contents dry. However, submerge the bag underwater for prolonged periods. The roll-top will not seal properly when totally submerged in water.

The bag is available in 5 different sizes ranging from 5L all the way to 40L. The smaller sizes come with a single strap. Bags 20L and larger come with double straps.
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