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Most people hate ironing. It is a tiring and monotonous chore. One way to avoid ironing is to resort to wearing crumpled and wrinkled clothes which is what we do. However, if that is not an option for you, we would like to suggest replacing your ironing board with the Dazzl 360 degrees rotating ironing board. This revolutionary ironing board from Korea promises to make ironing quick and easy.

The Dazzl 360 ironing board actually has several features that are designed to simplify the task of ironing. However, the most interesting and outstanding feature is no doubt its rotating board feature. So instead of ironing one side of a shirt of blouse and then flipping the garment over to iron the other side, the Dazzl 360 lets you rotate the entire board itself. Just lift up the board on the wider end, turn the board over and you can now shave half a minute or more off your ironing time per shirt or blouse.

Other features of the Dazzl 360 include an ironing board that is designed to shape like a human body with wider shoulders and tapers down towards the hip. This provides a larger ironing area which allows you to iron without having to frequently adjust the position of the garment.

Another trick up the Dazzl 360’s sleeve is a sliding and removable sleeve board for ironing sleeves. Just slide it out and use it to help you get those sleeves crisply ironed and slide it back inside the board when you don’t need it.

The Dazzl 360 doesn’t just help you with ironing shirts and blouses. At the narrow end of the board, there are a couple of clamps that are for clamping down the ends of a pair of pants. This allows you to stretch out the pants as you iron to give you perfect creases.

This revolutionary ironing board can be used by both right and left handers. A rotating basket at the end keeps your iron safely and prevents it from falling out even if you move the board around.

Last but not least, if you are tired of standing while ironing, you can always adjust the Dazzl 360 ironing board’s height and just sit on a chair or even on the floor as you iron. It has 8 different height adjustments.
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