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The RinseKit Portable Sprayer is not the first portable outdoor shower that we have seen. However, unlike most other systems on the market today, it does not require the use of a motorized or manual pump to create the pressure. As a result, this portable outdoor shower system is one of the cheapest and lightest shower system we have seen.

The RinseKit Portable Sprayer can be filled from any water spigot. Don’t have a spigot handy? Don’t worry because you can fill it using any kitchen sink by using the sink adapter. You can fill the 2 gallon pressure chamber in just 20 seconds and it will stay pressurized up to one month. You can also fill it with either hot or cold water and the insulated chamber is able to hold the temperature for quite awhile. The attached spray nozzle has seven different spray settings ranging from a strong jet to a fine mist.

Two gallons of water may not sound like a lot but with the proper nozzle setting, that two gallons can go a long way. Depending on the pressure of the spigot that you used to fill up the RinseKit (and also to pressurize the system) and the nozzle setting that you use, you can get up to 4 minutes of pressurized spraying. The RinseKit was used by the creator to rinse off 2 people, a surfboard and a wet suit with water to spare.

Because the system does not have a pump, batteries or any moving parts, RinseKit is extremely light at only 9 lbs when empty and 24 lbs when it is full. For a portable system, the weight is a huge factor when comparing between products.

There are tons of practical uses for a portable shower system from rinsing off after a day at the beach to giving the dog a bath to having a nice hot shower while on a camping trip.
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