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Incorporating an LED flashlight into the handle of an umbrella may sound like a gimmicky idea but once you actually used one, you may begin to wonder why no one thought of this sooner. The Zero Grid Travel Umbrella is a high quality and compact automatic umbrella that has quite a few great features. Surprisingly, the one feature that we initially thought of as just another bullet point turned out to be much more useful than we expected.

The great thing about LED flashlights is that they can be really bright but are just a fraction of the size of your standard non-LED flashlight. Another plus point is that they can be powered by batteries that can hold their charge much longer than standard batteries as is the case with the Zero Grid Travel Umbrella. There is nothing more frustrating than reaching out for your flashlight stored in your glove compartment only to find that the batteries have gone dead.

With the Zero Grid Travel Umbrella, you can have two essential travel gear in one compact device. However, it is not just an umbrella that also functions as a flashlight. The flashlight actually complements the umbrella really well when used in the dark. This is mainly thanks to the rotating handle that lets you angle the flashlight about 45 degrees.

With a quick twist of the handle, you can have the flashlight cast its beam slightly forward lighting your way instead of just straight down. It also promotes safety at night as does make you more noticeable to other road users. Have you ever tried nestling your umbrella between your cheek and your shoulder, holding your phone on one hand and using it as a flashlight while fumbling for your keys with your other hand and trying to open the door? With the Zero Grid Travel Umbrella, you have one less item to worry about.

While integrating both an umbrella and a flashlight is a great idea, the Zero Grid Travel Umbrella is also a very well designed umbrella on its own. It is an automatic umbrella which means that you can both open and close it with just the touch of a button. It is sturdily built to withstand Force 10 winds up to 55 mph.

The water resistant micro-weave fabric repels water and allows the umbrella to dry quickly. It comes with a special moisture wicking storage sleeve that not only avoids getting your bag contents wet when you store the umbrella in it but the sleeve also helps to dry the umbrella. Zero Grid has thoughtfully added a carabiner clip to the storage sleeve that increases your carrying options. Clip it outside your backpack, on your handbag strap or even on your belt if you don’t want to take up precious storage space.
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