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Nite Glowring Keyring

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The Nite Glowring Keyring is designed to help you look for your keys in the dark. It is like a lower tech version of the Elgato Smart Key but the technology used to produce the glow is rather cool.

The Nite Glowring uses a self powered gas tritium light source, a bit of technology that comes from the military. In the military, tritium illumination is mainly used in aircraft instrument dials, compasses and even weapon sights. It is also often used in watches that feature “permanent” illumination watch faces.

The other interesting thing about tritium illumination is that it is actually a radioactive process. The tritium undergoes radioactive decay to produce light in a process known as radioluminescence. I don’t know about you but having a radioactive source in my pocket sounds dangerously cool to me.

Enough of the Science lesson. All you really need to know is that the Nite Glowring Keyring glows in the dark and it doesn’t require batteries. The glow is not very bright and cannot be seen in daylight but will last up to 10 years. The Glowring is available in multiple colors. You can attach different color Glowrings to different keys so that you can always identify the right key while in the dark.
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With a thousand and one uses, the Glowrings make for brilliant cheap gift ideas because almost anyone could find a use for one and wonder how they lived without it.

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