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You know we love multi-tools. And we have featured all kinds of multitools on this site. But this is the first time that we have come across a multi-use blanket. The Kijaro Kubie is certainly an interesting product but do you need one?

Most multi-tools have one primary function plus a few other sub-functions thrown in to make it a more attractive product. For the Kijaro Kubie. it is primarily a blanket and a great one at that. It is certainly thick and warm enough for most outdoor activities. Zip it up and it turns into a comfy sleeping bag.

Of course, its versatility does not stop there. This versatile blanket comes with a hood so that you can wear it like a poncho. The length of the poncho can even be adjusted. However, since it is quite heavy, moving around will be difficult. Therefore, in insulated poncho mode, it is more like a warm quilt that you want to snuggle under. Not something you want to wear while hiking for example.

The most interesting function of the Kijaro Kubie is that it is also a hammock. With some built-in straps and a couple of carabiners, you can hook the blanket between two trees and turn it into a makeshift hammock.

The other functions of the blanket are things that you can also do with a normal blanket. Place it over the ground to use as a ground cover mat. Drape it over a line and you have a shade canopy. Fold it up and its a pillow.

So does the Kijaro Kubie deserve your attention? It depends. It does some of its suggested functions rather well like as a blanket or a sleeping bag, If it is a bit chilly outside, it makes a great addition to your gear. It makes an okay hammock and it certainly beats having to bring along a separate hammock.

If you need a great outdoor blanket and wouldn’t mind paying extra for the Kijaro Kubie, we think that it is a great option. The extra functions aren’t the greatest but they do come in handy.
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