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Smoking is an absolutely fantastic way to flavor and cooking your food. It is also a great way to preserve meats. All you need is a smoker or a BBQ grill and some damp wood chips to create the smoke. However, smoking is usually done outdoors. Smoking, as you would expected, creates a lot of smoke. If you try doing this indoors, you will most probably set off the smoke alarm or worse, pass out from smoke inhalation. Not unless you use the KitchenQue Stovetop Smoker that is specifically designed to be used indoors on a stovetop.

For a simple and compact device that just consists of 4 parts, the KitchenQue Stovetop Smoker can pretty much do everything that an expensive backyard smoker can. The biggest difference is obviously the size. Unfortunately, you won’t be having a huge cookout with a dozen of your best mates over. However, it does have a raised cover that allows you to fit an entire chicken or a large piece of meat inside.


The KitchenQue Stovetop Smoker is made up of a base unit, cover, grate and drip tray. The smoker works best with its own range of Instasmoke Superfine Wood Chips that come in apple, cherry, hickory and mesquite. Just spread about a spoonful of wood chips on the base. Then set down the drip tray and place the grate on top. Place the food on top of grate and cover. Lastly, place the smoker on your stovetop. The smoker is compatible with all kinds of stovetops from gas, to electric to even a camping stove.

The KitchenQue Stovetop Smoker is able to reach temperatures of up to 400° Fahrenheit. You can check the temperature on the built-in thermometer on the cover. The maximum temperature is more than sufficient for smoking. Generally, smoking does not require really high temperatures. It is more of a low and slow cooking method.

An entire chicken will take less than 1.5 hours to cook using the KitchenQue Stovetop Smoker. Of course if you are impatient, you can always cook the chicken in an oven and finish off using the smoker to cut down on cooking time.

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