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Portable BBQ grills that you can easily transport to your favorite outings are not uncommon and we have featured quite a few ourselves because who doesn’t love a great BBQ grillfest? However, we must say that none of the portable grills we have seen look half as good as the BergHOFF Table BBQ.

It looks like we are not the only ones who are impressed by the BergHOFF Table BBQ’s minimalist good looks. This brainchild of designer Pieter Roex is a winner of a Red Dot Design Award. However, there is much more going for this portable table top BBQ than just good looks alone. Setting it up takes less than minute and it has some very practical features.

The BergHOFF Table BBQ is perfectly sized for a small gathering. It is large enough to cook for 3 to 4 people but small and light enough to be easily transported by a single person. It has a large strap that holds all the components of the grill together while being transported.

The multifunction cork pad cover doubles up as an insulation that protects the table top from extreme heat. By rotating the body of the grill on top of the cork pad, you can regulate the airflow by controlling the size of the air openings at the bottom. It is a simple but effective method.

To start cooking, all you have to do is remove the strap, remove the cover and place it at the bottom of the grill, fill the inside of the grill with charcoal lumps or briquets, light them up and you are ready to start cooking once the flames die down.

The grilling surface is quite large and the BergHOFF Table BBQ is ideal to be placed on top of a table, with your guests gathered around and everyone grills their own food. It is much more fun than just having a single BBQ chef cook for everyone. This way everyone can chat away and enjoy each other’s company while cooking. No wonder they nicknamed it the Social Grill.

With the BergHOFF Table BBQ, your picnics, beach outings and other outdoor social gatherings will never be the same again.

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