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You know what a 1930s retro style vintage gas pump would be great for? For dispensing drinks at a party, that’s what! The mini Gas Pump Drinks Dispenser is the perfect conversation piece and add-on at your drinks table.

The drinks dispenser comes complete with a transparent tank that has volume markings on it. To fill the tank, just pop open the sign cum cap at the top and pour in your favorite beverage. You dispense the drinks through a mini gas pump. The liquid flows through the tiny hose with the help of gravity. It may take awhile to fill up a big glass but it works and it looks really snazzy while doing it.

The Gas Pump Drinks Dispenser holds all kinds of beverages from beer to soda to fruit juice to liquor. Your guests will have a blast dispensing their drinks from it. The tank holds just slightly under 1 liter of liquid so be prepared to keep filling it all night long. Or just get a few of the dispensers.

The dispenser is mostly made from plastic including the transparent tank but some parts are made from metal. It is about 14 inches tall and weighs just under 1.8 lbs. The entire dispenser comes with a shiny chrome finishing.

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