The Drink Coolers With A Cause


Cool your drinks with the Balls of Steel (BOS) and cure cancer at the same time. These very cool looking drink coolers are made from premium grade stainless steel by OriginalBOS.

They can be used as a replacement for ice for whiskey, wine or other spirits. Just place them in the cooler and then drop them in your drinks. The Balls of Steel cool drinks more efficiently than ice without diluting the drink or affecting its taste and flavor.

For each set of Balls of Steel sold, OriginalBOS will donate a high percentage of its profits to the MD Anderson Cancer Center. That is how you can chill your drinks and make the world a better place while doing it.


Where to Buy Balls of Steel Drink Coolers


Balls of Steel Drink Coolers

Balls of Steel, launched by OriginalBOS are premium drink coolers for whiskey, wine or spirits.

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