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Some people may find the idea of using a stove while roughing it out in the wilderness sacrilegious but when your stomach is filled with warm cooked food and you are feeling warm and snug, we bet you are willing to live with some criticism. However, the VitalGrill Survival Stove is a stove like no other and you may deflect some of the criticism directed at you because unlike normal camping stoves that rely on propane fuel, the VitalGrill relies on dry combustible materials such as paper, pieces of wood, cardboard, animal dung, and charcoal.

Unlike other stoves in the market, the VitalGrill Survival Stove is extremely lightweight. At only 1.5 pounds, it can be easily popped into your backpack and carried around anywhere you go. Since the VitalGrill is fueled by nature itself, you no longer have to worry about carrying along fuel for the stove,

It can be folded so you can take them on your next excursion or camping trip for your cooking needs. Its flame can generate approximately 2,000 BTU of heat. It generates heat of up to 760 degrees Celsius or 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, which is more than enough to boil water quickly, cook a mean and keep you warm on a chilly night.

The VitalGrill Survival Stove comes with a removable stainless steel diffuser plate which makes maintenance relatively quick and simple. The support rods pivot to accommodate different pot sizes and offers support for up to 50 pounds. Its ventilation system is protected by cover plates. The fold-down stainless steel thermal shield can be easily transported. The air intake is split to keep the smoke or particles from making its way to the fan.

Although it is extremely light, the stove is super tough and can support up to 50 lbs of weight so you will face no problem with boiling a huge pot of water for example.

The VitalGrill Survival Stove runs on two AA batteries and the battery life is 35 to 40 hours. So when you need heat anytime, anywhere, the VitalGrill Survival Stove will not let you down.

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