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If you are assaulted there is always a fear that your cries for help could not be heard. If you find yourself alone in the dark in unfamiliar territory, what can you do if you are attacked? At times like this you may feel a whole lot safer and better prepared if you have the NiteCore Titanium 120dB Whistle with you. Dubbed as the loudest whistle available today, this whistle is able to create an ear piercing 120dB sound.

Made from polished TC4 titanium alloy, the NiteCore Titanium 120dB Whistle is both durable and lightweight. The material used is totally safe and nontoxic to humans. Good to know since you are putting it between your lips. The whistle is corrosion resistant, sturdy and durable.

At 2.05” x 0.28” x 0.28”, this whistle is the size of a keychain so you can hang it with your keys or simply hang it around your neck. It is perfect as an everyday carry (EDC) accessory. At only 0.17 ounce, you won’t even notice it is there.

NiteCore Titanium

The NiteCore Titanium 120dB Whistle has a single chambered design giving it a high pitch frequency for further distance. The 120dB sound that the whistle creates translates to an impressive range of about 2 blocks. It utilizes a precision Teflon resonator making it both high and low temperature resistant.

It is great for both wet and dry conditions which also means that it will work in the rain. It is ideal for boating, scuba diving, hiking, and of course for personal safety or self defense. As an added bonus, it cames with a free keychain light.
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