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Smartlocks are great. Install one in your home and you never have to worry about losing your keys again. With a smartlock, you can grant access to your home remotely. You can allow one-time access to the delivery guy or create temporary keys for guests. But what if you cannot replace your current lock with a smartlock. You may be renting or the door is not compatible with a smartlock. If that is the case, the next best thing is probably the igloohome Smart Lockbox.

The igloohome Smart Lockbox like its name suggests is a keybox with smart features. It was originally designed to help Airbnb and other short-term rental hosts to allow guests to check in anytime. Many hosts currently do make use of a keybox with a combination lock to store the house keys. However, there is the inconvenience of having to reset the combination code for every new guest. Other possible uses for the igloohome Smart Lockbox include car shares, workspace sharing and even for storing small items like cash and checks.

The igloohome Smart Lockbox works just like a standard keybox. Instead of a keypad for punching in the code, there is a circular touch-based pad on the front. It is shaped like a giant padlock and there is quite roomy inside. You can fit up to 6 keys or up to 7 keycards inside. You can mount the keybox on a wall or you can just padlock it to a metal bar or to the door itself. To open, just punch in the code on the keypad. The box automatically locks on its own when it is closed.

Besides punching the PIN code on the touch-pad, there is also the option of unlocking via Bluetooth. Install the igloohome app on your phone and you can have the lockbox unlock when you are in close proximity. However, this feature doesn’t work very well at the moment. This is probably due to the fact that Bluetooth connections are usually not very reliable. It is probably faster to just key in your PIN instead.

The igloohome Smart Lockbox solves the problem of requiring resets between guests by allowing you to create temporary timed codes. You can then give the code to guests or to anyone who need to access your home while you are away.

The other special feature of the igloohome Smart Lockbox is that it works completely offline. It doesn’t need a WiFi or internet connection. You can create PINs from anywhere and anytime using the app. The generated PIN contains all the information to operate the lock even though the lock itself is offline. The technology behind it is similar to the security token used for online banking. This makes the igloohome Smart Lockbox the only smart lockbox to work without an internet connection.

Granted, with the igloohome Smart Lockbox you still need to use a physical key or keycard to open your door. However, you do get most of the benefits of a smartlock plus the added benefit of not requiring an internet connection.
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