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For Those Who Want Their Watches to do More


There are tons of smartwatch options out there and it is going to take a lot to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Recently we featured the Cogito Classic and Pop smartwatches that are mainly used for receiving notifications from the smartphone. They don’t do much beyond that. The inWatch Z Smartwatch on the other hand is on the other extreme ends as it aims to completely replace your smartphone.

The inWatch Z seems to have taken all the features from other smartwatches plus more and crammed everything inside a watch body that is rather compact. Firstly, it runs on Google’s new Android Wear platform. Not much is known yet about the platform other than the fact that both the upcoming Motorola Moto 360 and the LG G Watch will be running on the same platform. Android Wear relies on the touch screen and voice recognition for navigation and text input.

Secondly, you will be able to answer and make calls from the inWatch Z itself. One interesting feature is the use of bone conduction system for conducting audio directly into your ear. This supposedly allows the user to have a phone conversation even in a noisy environment. The bone conducting system can be used to turn almost any surface into a speaker by just pressing it against the watch clasp.

The inWatch Z has a 5 megapixel camera that can also capture 720p HD video. The display is a 240×240 resolution MiraVision semi-transparent TFT that adjusts brightness automatically depending on ambient lighting. Tests show that the MiraVision display has better visibility in daylight compared to the Samsung Gear. And to protect the display from scratches, the inWatch Z will feature a sapphire crystal face, a feature that is usually only found on premium watches.

The watch also functions as a fitness tracker with a full range of sensors including nine axis sensor, gravity sensor, terrestrial magnetism sensor and gyroscope. We don’t even know what some of these sensors measure but they allow the watch to collect pulse data, act as a pedometer and calculate calories burned.

Last but not least, if you are not prepared to give up your smartphone just yet, the inWatch Z can pair up with a phone and function as a companion device.
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