Do you have way too many mobile devices that constantly need to be charged? Do you find yourself carrying around a portable battery to charge your phone or tablet just in case its batteries do not last long enough to last through the day? Do you also need to carry around cables to charge the portable battery? With the New Trent Travelpak plus 7000mAh, your battery charging tasks just got a little easier.

First of all, like its name suggests, the New Trent Travelpak plus 7000mAh has a massive 7000 mAh rechargeable battery. There should be enough juice to charge up your average smartphone at least twice and probably close to one full charge for your tablet, depending on the tablet’s battery size. New Trent claims that it can recharge an iPhone 5 four times but I think this is a little optimistic as there is always energy loss because you will never get 100% efficiency when you are charging a battery.

Secondly, the New Trent Travelpak plus 7000mAh can be directly charged by plugging it into a wall socket. It has foldable AC chargers that you can pop out and plug into the wall. No need to keep another cable around.

The New Trent Travelpak plus 7000mAh comes with two USB ports so that you can charge two devices at the same time. What’s even more attractive is that charging two devices at the same time does not increase the charging time. The Travelpak is as efficient at charging two devices as it is with just a single device.

The New Trent Travelpak plus is also one of the highest rated portable chargers on Amazon with an average rating of 4.5 stars from over 600 customer reviews.

Besides the 7000 mAh version, the Travelpak also comes in 4000 mAh and 11200 mAh. The 4000 mAh version is similar to the 7000 mAh but slightly smaller, a lower capacity battery and of course lower price. The 11200 mAh version on the other hand doesn’t have the same form factor or the built-in foldable AC charger.

Where to Buy New Trent Travelpak 7000 mAh

New Trent Travelpak plus 7000mAh 5V 3.1A Dual USB Output with Built-In AC Wall Charger

The Travelpak external battery packs an impressive 7,000 mAh of charge power and has a hefty life span of 500 charge cycles. Designed and tested by New Trent engineers, its optimized conversion efficiency allows more energy to be transferred to your smartphones & tablets for a lightning fast charge. Buy from