Summer is coming! Okay, that may not have the same ring as the foreboding “Winter is Coming.” But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t prepare for the rising temperatures ahead. When temperatures really soar, the hand-held portable fan just doesn’t cut it anymore. What you may need is the hand-held Handy Cooler Mini Air Conditioner.

If you are wondering how the Handy Cooler Mini Air Conditioner managed to squeeze in a compressor, condenser and evaporator into a hand-held unit, it doesn’t. Anyway the whole concept of air conditioning using the compressor-evaporator concept does not work on a hand-held cooler because there is no insulated space for cooling.

The Handy Cooler works by using evaporative cooling. In other words, it blows hot hair through a wet surface and as the water on the wet surface evaporates, it cools down the air. In this case, the wet surface is a wet piece of sponge.

Well, enough of all the science lessons because all you want to know is if it works. Well, it depends. Since the cooler depends on evaporation, the air passing through has to be sufficiently dry to produce evaporation. If the air is already very humid to begin with, there won’t be much evaporation and therefore hardly any cooling.

So depending on the air humidity in your area, the Handy Cooler can either be a great relief or a total bust.

The Handy Cooler runs on 4 AA batteries or a USB connection. Water needs to be added periodically to keep the cooling sponge damp.



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Handy Cooler Mini Air Conditioner

Cool yourself at the flick of a button with the first ever hand-held evaporative cooling Handy Cooler Mini Air Conditioner on the market.

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