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Are you tired of watching YouTube, Netflix and other video content on a tiny screen? There are plenty of options when it comes to watching online content on a large screen. However, there isn’t always a large screen available everywhere. An easy solution is Cinemood. It is a truly stand-alone portable projector that works without wires, WiFi or a connected smartphone.

A portable DLP projector that fits on your palm isn’t all that uncommon. However, most projectors are not truly stand-alone devices. Some ned to connect to a laptop for content. While others support some sort of screen casting to mirror content on a phone or tablet. Cinemood on the other hand has its own operating system with apps like Netflix and Youtube. And it has WiFi for internet connectivity.

In fact, it has over 120 hours of preloaded content which is mainly targeted at small children. This also means that the interface is simple enough for any young child to use. For the rest of us, Cinemood has support for the most popular video services including Netflix, Youtube and Amazon Prime Video. It supports download of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video content via built-in WiFi for offline viewing.

The projector has built-in speakers plus a rechargeable battery that is rated to last up to 5 hours. All you need is a fairly white surface to project to and you have your very own private movie theater. The projector has its own control buttons set on the top of the device. Alternatively, you can remotely control it via a smartphone app.

The screen can be as near as less than a foot or as far as 12 feet away. However, the projection distance depends a lot on ambient lighting. The darker it is, the further you can project the screen. This makes the Cinemood an ideal device for car rides, airplane trips, camping, backyard get-togethers and outdoor summer movie nights.

At 3 x 3 x 3 inches and weighing just 0.5 lbs, it adds little weight and bulk to your travel gear. However, there are a few setbacks due to its small size. Firstly, the projection resolution is only 800×480 although it supports Full HD content. Secondly the battery only lasts 5 hours although you can extend it by plugging in a power bank.
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