The Smart Watch That is Just Smart Enough


The Cogito Pop is a slightly simplified version of the Cogito Classic that we featured not too long ago. The Cogito Pop retains almost all the interesting features from the Cogito Classic.

It has calls, missed calls, text, calendar and social media notifications with vibration. It can control music on your smartphone remotely and it can be used as a remote for the camera function on the phone. The battery on the Pop lasts at least a year, just like on the Classic. These are the features that makes the Cogito an ideal companion to your smartphone.

By keeping things simple, there is almost no learning curve to using the Cogito Pop. Just pair it to your smartphone via Bluetooth and you don’t have to bother about it again. Besides the smart functions, the Cogito Pop looks and functions pretty much like any other watch. By removing a few of the features on the Classic version, the Cogito Pop is $30 cheaper.

The Cogito Pop lacks the text display on the Classic version so you won’t be able to tell who is calling when you receive the call notification. The Pop also has a more playful design compared to the classical design on the Classic. Think Swatch watches. It even comes in 6 colors including one in pink.



Where to Buy COGITO POP Smart Watch


COGITO POP Smart Watch

Created for maximum mainstream appeal, COGITO POP collection combines fun and functionality to make smart watches accessible to a larger public with a more natural user experience.

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