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As the summer grow hotter and hotter, we are all reaching out to cool ourselves with ice cold drinks. That means lots and lots of ice cubes. If you have a tiny freezer compartment, making and storing lots of ice cubes might be a challenge. But worry not. The Ice Genie is a compact ice maker with built-in storage that takes up minimal space in your freezer.

The Ice Genie has a truly unique design. Instead of a flat horizontal tray, the silicone ice tray wraps around a cylindrical ice bucket creating a double chamber. The inner chamber is for ice storage while the outer chamber is for freezing the ice cubes.

To make ice, just fill the outer chamber with water and then pop the Ice Genie into the freezer. Just fill and chill, it’s really that easy. Once the ice freezes, remove the bucket and then give the outer chamber a squeeze to pop out the ice cubes. Pour the ready ice cubes into the bucket and you are ready to make the next batch of ice.

The ice tray makes 40 cubes each time and the bucket itself can hold up to 120 ice cubes. This is about 10 times the amount of ice cubes that a standard ice tray holds. The Ice Genie itself measures just 5.6 x 5.5 x 5.1 inches.

The ice tray itself is made from flexible food grade silicone. The material is FDA approved, BPA free and contains no PFOA or other dangerous chemicals! It comes with an air tight lid for keeping for keeping your ice fresh and free from odors. The inner chamber also doubles up as a drinks chiller. Just pop your wine bottle or beer can into the Ice Genie for a quick chill. Last but not least, the Ice Genie is also dishwasher safe which makes cleaning it an easy task.
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