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Tired of losing the key to your padlock? Having problems remembering codes for combination locks? Time to replace your existing luggage locks with the ProSafe Key-Card Lock. It doesn’t use the standard tiny keys that are easy to lose. Neither does it require you fumbling with the combination lock. Instead, it uses a credit card sized key-card that you can easily slip into your wallet for safe keeping.

To open the ProSafe Key-Card Lock, all you have to do is to insert the the correct corner of the key-card into a slot on the side of the padlock. Push in firmly and you should here a click and the lock will pop open. How does it work? On the key-card, you will see a pattern of small and large holes punched into the corner. When the corner with the holes is inserted into the lock and it matches the pattern in the lock, it unlocks. It is as quick and simple as using a key and definitely much faster than opening a combination lock.

Each card has 2 identical sets of holes on it. In case the card corner gets bent or damaged, you can use the other corner as a backup. As a further backup, there is an additional spare card included with each ProSafe Key-Card Lock. You can also pass the other card to a traveling companion.

The ProSafe Key-Card Lock is TSA-Approved and it is clearly marked on the lock. This means that TSA security agents can open and relock the padlock using their own security tools during baggage inspection.

The lock looks quite sturdy and has an all-metal construction. To be honest, small padlocks like the ProSafe Key-Card Lock cannot be rely upon 100% to keep your luggage content safe. However, it does prevent a would-be thief or pickpocket from quickly opening your bag and stealing something quickly.
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