Makes Ice Cubes That Look Like Raindrops


Everything just tastes better with a raindrop in them. What do you mean you never heard of that saying? Okay, we admit we just made that up. We don’t know anything about affecting the taste but we do know that the raindrop ice cubes made using the Rainy Day Ice Tray sure made our drinks look perfectly adorable.

The Rainy Day Ice Tray is yet another quirky gadget from Fred and Friends. It is an ice cube tray that makes ice cubes that look like rain drops ripples on the water surface that have been frozen in time. Drop these into the drinks at your party and create a splash.

The Rainy Day Ice Tray is made from food-safe virgin silicone. Each tray makes four ice cubes at a time.



Where to Buy Rainy Day Ice Tray


Rainy Day Ice Tray

Fred and Friends Rainy Day ice tray makes ice cubes with frozen ripples, so your drinks look like they got caught in the rain.

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Rainy Day Ice Tray

An ice tray makes ice cubes that looks like raindrops! Buy from