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The Ember Smart Mug is like a comic superhero. It may look like just any mild mannered, ordinary coffee mug. But it has super powers. Hidden underneath its ordinary looks is the power to heat up your beverage to precisely the temperature you desire.

This temperature control mug has built-in heating element and a very precise temperature controller. So how do you set and control the temperature? That is where the mug’s other super power comes in. It has Bluetooth and it communicates wirelessly with your phone.

Just open the app and set the temperature of the beverage to your exact preference (between 120°F – 145°F). The Ember Smart Mug will maintain the temperature from your very first sip right down to the very last drop. It is quite a surreal but wonderful when your last mouthful of tea or coffee tastes just as great as your first.

The Ember Smart Mug has a built in rechargeable battery. It is rated to last about an hour but it depends a lot on how much heating is required of the mug. If the beverage temperature is already hot to begin with and the environment is not that cold, the battery should last even longer.

If you wish to take your own sweet time to finish your beverage, you can make use of the included charging coaster. Using wireless charging, your mug will keep your drink warm indefinitely.

It has no power switch. The heating turns on automatically when it detects liquid in the mug. So just fill up the mug and your coffee will always be at the right temperature.

The mug is available in white, black and a very nice copper finishing.
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