How do you get ice cubes into a water bottle? You don’t. You get ice sticks into the water bottle instead.

You make the ice sticks using the Ice Sticks Flexible Ice Trays. The ice trays are made from dishwasher safe silicone and comes in a set of two. Each tray makes 8 ice sticks and they pop out easily out of the tray. Just pop a few into a water bottle or soda drink bottle and you can have an ice cool drink.

With the ice stick trays, you can have an always ready supply of ice sticks that you pop into most water bottles for a nice cool refreshing drink that you can bring along with you.


Where to Buy Ice Sticks Flexible Ice Trays


Ice Sticks Flexible Ice Trays

This set of 2 ice sticks trays are designed for use with water bottles. The flexible design allows ice to pop out of the trays quickly and easily and each tray contains 8 molds. Dishwasher safe.

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