Get the Right Dough Thickness Every Time


The recipe calls for the dough to be rolled out to a thickness of 1/6 in. If you are an experienced cook, this is a simple task but what if you are new at this? Do you bring out the measuring ruler? No, you bring out the Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin Plus.

The Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin Plus has adjustable plastic rings at each end of the rolling pin. The size of the rings used allows you to roll out the dough or pastry to an almost exact thickness. Available thickness are 1/16, 1/6, 1/4, and 3/8-inch. For budding chefs or even the experienced ones, the adjustable rolling pin takes out the guess work. It is ideal for pizza, pie crusts, tarts, cookies, lasagna sheets, filo pastry, etc.

As an additional aid, the rolling pin surface comes etched with measurement guide in both inches and mm for measuring the pastry width so you have both thickness and width taken care of.

Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin Plus with Grey Rings

The Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin Plus is made from fine quality beech, is easily cleaned and is built to last. The rolling pin comes in two designs. The first design has rainbow colored plastic rings and for the less flashy chefs, the second design has grey rings. I personally prefer the multi-colored one as we can all do with a little more color in our kitchens.

Where to Buy Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin Plus

Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin Plus, 16.5-Inch

Joseph Joseph is ever conscious of the space restrictions imposed by modern urban living. They are the masters of form and function. The Multi-Color Adjustable Rolling Pin Plus will take the guess work out of preparing pizza and pie bases, lasagna sheets and filo pastry.

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Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin, Multi-Colour

  • Comes with four sets of removable discs that raise the rolling surface by 2 mm, 4 mm, 6 mm or 10 mm
  • Ensures that pastry is rolled to an even thickness and to the exact size required, via measurements on the surface of the rolling pin
  • This newly updated design not only has an extra set of discs (4 mm), but the discs are now brightly colour-coded for easy selection.
  • This innovative rolling pin takes the guesswork out of preparing biscuit dough, pizza bases, pie tops, lasagne sheets and filo pastry.
  • New design
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