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FiberFix Total Repair is the only Adhesive you Need

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FiberFix Total Repair is not just really good superglue. It is more like a DIY home improvement tool that anyone can use without any skills required. If you have ever used a tube of superglue in your life, you won’t have any problems using this one-tube fix them all.

The FiberFix Total Repair is a universal repair tool. If you have anything that is broken apart or cracked or needs sealing, this is the tool to do it. Just squeeze the clear resin into the area you need to fix and shine the blue light on the other end of the tube. Within seconds, the resin will cure leaving you a strong and almost unbreakable bond that holds up to 2000 pounds.

The blue UV light acts as an accelerator that quickens the curing process to just seconds. Without the UV light, the resin will take about 5 to 20 minutes to harden. This means that you can mould and shape the resin before you cure it. You can actually use FiberFix Total Repair to slowly build reinforcement to weak areas like crumbling old plastic or a weak joint on a cable.

FiberFix Total Repair can be molded to form new surfaces. You can fill cracks and protect exposed wires. You can even use it to fill up cracks on a car’s windshield because it is clear and can be smoothen using sandpaper. Don’t like the clear look? You can paint it over. It works on most materials including hard plastic, glass, wood, ceramics and leather.

What makes FiberFix Total Repair unique is that it can bond, seal and reinforce. Standard superglue can only bond while light-cured adhesive can seal, build and reinforce but they cannot bond objects. FiberFix Total Repair is the only adhesive that can do all making it the one bonding tool that you will ever need for all your repair needs.
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Where to Buy FiberFix Total Repair - Accelerated Instant Cure Super Glue

FiberFix Total Repair is the unique adhesive that allows the glue to cure with and without UV light, allowing you to make all of your needed repairs.

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