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USB charging has made charging our electronic devices a much simpler task. You can consider yourself lucky if you did not live through the era when almost every single device had its own custom charger and connector. However, with USB charging being so ubiquitous, it is rather strange that most wall outlets don’t come with USB chargers as standard. You can replace your standard wall outlet plates with ones that support USB charging. But for a really simple solution, the RABBITcharger converts any standard wall duplex outlet into a USB charger outlet with built-in retracting USB cable.

The RABBITcharger is a simple DIY solution that anyone can do. It will work with any standard duplex outlet. All you need to do is remove the existing screw on the wall plate. Place the RABBITcharger over the plate and plug into the lower outlet. Then screw the RABBITcharger  into place using the provided screw. That’s it! It should take no more than 2 minutes to install.

The great thing about the RABBITcharger is that it lets you do away with charging cables. USB cables always go missing and they leave a messy tangle of unsightly wires. With the built-in retractable cable, the charging cable gets safely and neatly tucked away when not in use. The cable is 28″ long with should be sufficiently long enough to leave your devices on a nearby table while they charge.

With the RABBITcharger, you get to charge 2 USB devices at the same time. Each of the split duo charging tip delivers 3 amps of charging power. That should be sufficient for even large phones and tablets. Last but not least, you still have access to one AC charging outlet that you can use for your laptop or other AC devices.

The RABBITcharger comes with 2 Micro USB charging tips and 2 USB Type-C swappable charging tips are included as well. Apple Lightning swappable tips are available and sold separately.
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