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Coho XC: Hauling Gear for Bikepacking and Touring Made Easy

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Bikepacking or bike touring is backpacking on a bicycle. It is gaining a lot of popularity for cycling buddies and families. Bike packing has a lot of advantages. It allows you to cover more miles than hiking. You can access trails and dirt roads that a 4-wheeled vehicle can’t. You don’t have to carry all the weight on your back as your bike will do most of the heavy lifting. However, overloading your bike makes it harder to maneuver and can be dangerous as well. The Coho XC is a versatile bike trailer that lets you haul all your backpacking gear without making balancing or handling a problem.

The Coho XC from Burley is a single wheel cargo trailer that is perfect for hauling all your backpacking gear. It has a sturdy but lightweight aluminum frame that can carry up to 70 pounds of gear. The single biggest problem with bike trailers is compatibility with rear wheel hubs as bike hubs come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Burley solves this problem elegantly with a variable width yoke that adjusts quickly without tools to fit 126-197mm hubs. It is a brilliant design. What’s more, the release handle disconnects the trailer even quicker with just one hand.

Besides the ingenious yoke design, the Coho XC has a few more tricks up its sleeves. An integrated height-adjustable kickstand allows you to keep your bike upright for easy loading and unloading. The cargo bay has additional points for strapping down extra gear and mounts for bottles and other tools. The side panels are easily removed for cleaning. The entire trailer can be quickly disassembled tool-free and fit into the cargo bay for compact storage. Last but not least, the flag holder doubles as a bottle cap opener.

The single-wheel design of the Coho XC allows the trailer to have a slimmer profile compared to dual-wheel trailers. A narrower profile means easier access on narrow trails. The single-wheel design also results in lower rolling resistance. The wheel has a coil spring suspension that is pretty robust and ideal for smoothing out rough terrain. The Coho XC can accommodate 3 tire options (16” x 3” Plus size wheel, 16” x 2.125” off-road wheel and 16” x 1.75” road tire). The off-road wheel comes standard with the trailer while the other 2 options are available as optional accessories.
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Where to Buy Burley Coho XC

The Coho XC single wheel cargo trailer brings durability and thoughtful design to gear-hauling for bike camping, touring and singletrack riding.

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