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When we need to bond or paste something, we usually rely on glue or epoxy. But where these elements fail, Bondic won’t ever let you down. Voted as the Most Innovative Product during the National Hardware Show, this miracle bonding product stays liquid and will not dry out unlike all the other adhesives in the market. It works well with wood, glass, metal, plastic and even fabric.

Bondic is 100% water and heat resistant. Its solvent free formula remains liquid until cured by the included UV LED Light. Now you can bond, build, fill, and fix in a matter of seconds but without the pressure of getting things right before the glue dries out or waiting patiently while waiting for the glue to harden. It also means that you won’t be wasting whatever is left in the tube after you have opened it for use.

Bondic is not glue as it is regarded as the world’s first liquid plastic welding tool. The Starter Kit comes with an applicator pen, a UV LED Light, and two 4 grams tube of liquid plastic. You may also opt for the Pro Kit which comes with a microfiber cloth and an extra tube of liquid plastic refill (3 in total).

The 12 pc DIY Edition comes with a pen with applicator, a UV LED Light, 2 4 gram tubes, one large sanding block, one small sanding block, 3 flexible sanding sticks, one sanding needle and 2 microfiber cleaning cloths. The extra tools are for getting a nicer finishing on your bonded parts.

Bondic is effective even on rough surfaces as well as parts with undercuts. To get optimum performance, ensure that the surface is clean and free of grease. The right way to get an effective bond is to apply in layers and curing each layer properly in between.

Think of it as a welding process instead of gluing. The bond is much stronger than any glue and it is heat, water and oil resistant. It can greatly increase the lifespan of the repaired part or you can continue to safely use it until you can get a proper replacement during an emergency.

Bondic is lightweight, portable and fits in your pocket so you can address your bonding and welding needs anytime and anywhere.
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