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Racor HeavyLift Increases your Garage Storage Space

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We never have too much storage space. Like work that magically expands to fill up our free time, somehow our things do the same by expanding to fill whatever storage space we have at home. If you are like us, your garage space is probably filled with all kinds of items from your home. The more organized ones install storage shelves but most of us just fill the garage floor space leaving just enough space for our vehicle. But have you thought about all that wasted space above your head? The Racor HeavyLift lets you make use of all that unused space under the garage ceiling without the need of a ladder.

Making full use of dead space high above the ground is a great idea but usually you are limited by the size and weight of what you can store. Nobody wants to lug something heavy up and down a ladder. The Racor HeavyLift on the other hand is a fairly large 4 by 4 heavy duty platform that can lift and store up to 250 pounds. It uses a pulley system to lift the platform as high as 8 feet.

It is ideal for storing heavy and bulky items that you don’t often use like the snow thrower, lawn mower, tires, ladders, canoe, large tools and much more. The pulley system requires minimal effort to lift or lower the platform. All you have to do is crank the handle of the durable winding axle. If even that sounds too daunting an effort, you will be pleased to know that you can attach a power tool to the crank and let it do all the dirty work. A safety lock holds the platform in position.

The Racor HeavyLift comes as a kit and some assembly is required. The box comes with everything that you need to assemble the platform lift including all the necessary mounting hardware. With a little careful planning, it is possible to install the entire system all on your own.
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Racor HeavyLift is the ceiling-mounted garage elevator that lets you load and lift storage items overhead, out of the way, without a ladder or much effort.

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