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The Talking Clock That Obeys Your Commands


Talking clocks are pretty common. But what about a clock that answer questions, obeys commands and can voice activate your entire home? The Ivee Voice Activated Assistant looks like a clock but it is much more than that. Besides being able to do all of the above, it also gets smarter everyday.

Ivee Voice Activated Assistant

Another successful Kickstarter project, the Ivee Voice Activated Assistant can wirelessly connect to other WiFi devices in your home such as your Nest Thermostat or SmartThings controller hub. Now, instead of turning the dial on the Nest or accessing the SmartThings app on your phone, you can just tell Ivee to turn up the temperature or to switch on the lights using just your voice.

The Ivee Voice Activated Assistant is also internet connected so you can ask it question such as the current time, weather report or stock prices. It can also tune to any radio station by frequency.

Last but not least, Ivee is of course an alarm clock that you can set by issuing a spoken command.

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