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If you are one of the many unfortunate souls who just cannot sleep while on a flight, we know exactly how you feel. If you normally fly business or first class and still have trouble sleeping, take a couple of Valium and move on to the next great article. We are addressing the needs of our fellow poor souls who suffer in cattle coach class. We have featured quite a number of fabulous neck pillows on this site but the FaceCradle may be on a class of its own.

By definition, a neck pillow is a pillow that helps you get some shuteye by supporting your neck. Neck support is needed when you are trying to sleep while in a upright sitting position. The airplane seat does recline a little but you are generally still trying to sleep while sitting up. Most neck pillows have limited success in providing you with a comfortable sleeping position. The FaceCradle is different because it provides 5 possible sleeping configurations for the user. One of the positions that is possible is akin to resting face down on a massage table. Imagine the luxury of experiencing a relaxing sleep on a massage table while flying coach.

The FaceCradle looks very much like a normal travel pillow in its default mode. If you wish you can use it like a normal neck pillow. What makes this pillow special is that the pillow is actually made up of two halves. The two halves can be opened up in various positions and held in place by a special mechanism. The second mode of sleep is called the “Snoozing Mode”. In this mode, you can open up both halves of the pillow slightly and cradle it either on the left or right side of your head. The opened halves provide much more neck support than you can get from a normal neck pillow.

But wait as it gets better. Mode 3 is “Table Nap”. This mode requires a table or the foldable tray on a plane. Just place the slightly opened FaceCradle on the table propped by a pillow or bag. Then fold your arms under the space between the two halves of the FaceCradle and rest face down.

Mode 4 and 5 are known as the “Deep Sleep Modes”. The FaceCradle has a strap that you can loop behind your airplane seat. This provides the support for you to rest half the pillow on your chest and the other half at a slight angle just inches from your face. Now you can just lean forward slightly in a position that is as close as you can get to sleeping face down while sitting in an upright position. You can rest your face through the gap on the pillow (Mode 4) or turn sideways with your cheek on the pillow (Mode 5).

Users who have never ever been able to sleep while flying are raving about how they managed to get 8 hours of deep sleep on long haul flights. The last 3 modes of the FaceCradle goes beyond just supporting your neck and actually comes up with a solution that gives your head a more natural sleeping position. This is why this may be the ultimate travel pillow for anyone who has problem getting proper sleep while flying.
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