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We just reviewed the very impressive Klarus Mi7 about a week ago. This time we got to review the On The Road M3, an LED flashlight that is smaller and brighter than the Mi7. We though that the Mi7 would be hard to beat but obviously not. It is truly amazing how the use of LED lights has totally revolutionized the size and power of flashlights.

The On The Road M3 is a minuscule flashlight at just 1.4 oz (39 g) and 2.75 in (70 mm) long. Don’t let its small size fool you as this is not a toy and you shouldn’t treat it as one.  The flashlight has a Turbo mode that pumps out about 1000 lm of light. In Turbo mode, it is extremely bright and the flashlight does heat up quite a bit. Although the flashlight does have a safety circuit that cuts down the power when it gets too hot, you can literally burn a hole through your pocket if you are not careful. Definitely keep this away from small children.

Other features of the On The Road M3 include a magnetic tail cap, a detachable stainless steel clip, plus 5 brightness level and 3 strobe modes. The magnetic tail cap enable you to mount the flashlight on most metal surfaces. This comes in real handy when you need both your hands free. The stainless steel clip lets you clip the flashlight to the brim of your cap, to your shirt pocket or to your sleeves. Turn the flashlight into a head mounted light or as a safety light when running or cycling in the dark.

The lighting modes range from ultra-low 10 lm glow that is rated to last up to 70 hrs to Turbo mode at 920 lm. Even at Turbo mode the battery should last about 30 mins. As for the battery, the On The Road M3 comes in 4 different package options. The first 2 options is the difference in the light warmness. You can go for a cooler and whiter light or a warmer one. The other 2 options is with or without the rechargeable battery. The option with the battery costs more of course but the included battery is a very good quality battery and it is totally worth it to get it with the battery. The with battery package also comes with the battery charger.

The On The Road M3 is available from GearBest.

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