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J Pillow – the Travel Pillow that Won the British Invention of the Year

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The ability to have restful sleep during long haul flights is something that eludes most travelers especially for the majority of us who do not have the luxury of flying business or first class. We have featured a couple of travel pillows previously on GetdatGadget that have bucked the trend when it comes to travel pillow design and they both work rather well in making it a little easier to fall asleep while in a situation that is not very conducive for sleeping. When we heard that about the J Pillow, a travel pillow that recently won the British Invention of the Year, we just had to check it out.

What makes the J Pillow special is that it can be used in 7 different configurations. Granted, not all 7 uses are for sleeping but the J Pillow can be used in 3 different configurations as a neck pillow. The first option lets you support your chin and holds up your head while you sleep. The second option places the J Pillow behind your neck giving your neck extra support. And thirdly, the can be folded and function just like any standard travel pillow. Our personal favorite is the neck support option as it keeps the head in a more comfortable upright position.

The other options include using the J Pillow as lumbar support or even to create a more comfy arm rest. You can even use it to prop up your tablet on your lap for comfortable viewing. These options make the J Pillow a great travel accessory even when you are not sleeping. The functionality of the J Pillow doesn’t end when you get off the plane. The last suggested use for the pillow is to use it as a knee cushion when sleeping comfortably on your bed.

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Where to Buy J Pillow, Travel Pillow - Winner of British Invention of the Year

The J-pillow is the ultimate travel companion that really helps you get some quality sleep. Usable in 7 different configurations.

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Where to Buy J Pillow Inflatable Travel Pillow

Unique J Shape Patent Pending Design. Stops your Head Falling Forward for Uninterrupted Sleep.

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