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It used to be that no one cared how ice cubes look. They were just there to keep your cocktails cool as you drink. But nowadays, most commercial establishments plus many people at home use clear ice for their drinks. Do clear ice makers like the Eparé Clear Ice System really make your cocktails better or is it just something that hipsters care about?

When you make ice cubes at home using a normal ice tray, you usually get cloudy ice. This is because the ice cube freezes from all sides. As the sides freeze, they push air bubbles and other impurities in the water towards the center. This is what causes the ice cube to look opaque or cloudy.

Besides the visual appeal, clear ice takes longer to melt. The other clear advantage is that it does not trap air bubbles that may have been contaminated by the other items that you store in your freezer. Your drink should taste exactly as it should.

Commercial ice makers make clear ice by insulating the molds on all sides except the top. This forces the ice to freeze from the top and pushing the air bubbles downwards as it freezes. Some people have tried duplicating this at home with a cooler and later carving up the ice.

The Eparé Clear Ice System is much easier and better way to make clear ice at home. It is only 5.5 x 5.5 x 3.5 inches in size. It produces four pieces of 2 inch cube ice at a go. This is the perfect size for cocktail glasses. “On the rocks” never looked so good.

This clear ice maker uses the same principal as the commercial ice makers by insulating the sides of the tray. However, it does this in a much more compact way.

Last but not least, the Eparé Clear Ice System comes with a limited lifetime warranty that speaks volumes of its quality.
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